Yoga Programs

Group Yoga Classes

  • Level: All
  • Suitable for: All
  • Duration: 1½ h
  • Language: English & Greek

In the group classes, students have the opportunity to work with their body and their self, while at the same time enjoying the dynamics of a group of people practicing all together. Other bodies are often our mirrors and give us information on how to correct our own mistakes or to identify our own weaknesses. Frequently, group practice creates an even stronger sense of progress than when we do yoga by ourselves.

Since we are social beings, group practice is always very creative, pleasant and constructive!

To book your spot please contact me through Εmail, Instagram, Facebook or via the form of interest. New students enjoy 50% off on the first two tryout classes!


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"Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees."
- BKS Iyengar